Electric Power Providers
Name / Phone  Services
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
(800) 448-4743
  • PG &E has economic development staff to answer questions on location incentives, labor costs and supply, transportation and communications infrastructure, real estate costs and availability, fees and taxes.
  • PG&E can provide you with a custom rate analysis and help you evaluate utility costs and buying options.
  • When you have a specific site identified, PG&E can provide detailed cost and reliability analysis.
  • Fact Sheets - The links below provide descriptions of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's rates and services for economic developers and companies considering a location in California.
    • Energy Efficiency Programs (PDF, 81 KB)
    • Commercial/Industrial Electric Rates (PDF, 86 KB)
    • Natural Gas Service (PDF, 116 KB)
    • Electric Rate Components
    • Self-Generation Incentive Program (PDF, 80 KB)
    • California Solar Initiative (PDF, 101 KB)
Source: Pacific Gas & Electric Company www.pge.com, 2012 data (as of March 2012)


Natural Gas Providers
Name / Phone Services
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
(800) 448-4743
Pacific Gas and Electric Company provides both bundled and unbundled natural gas service. Link to fact sheet below.
Source Pacific Gas & Electric Company www.pge.com, 2012 data (as of March 2012)


Telecom Providers
Name / Phone Services
AT&T Local and long distance calling; Internet access & support. SmallBusinessInsite: online service for small business offering tips & tools for growing a business via webinars, idea exchanges: experts, events, case studies and a networking blog
Source AT&T www.att.com, 2012 data (as of March 2012)


Solid Waste
Nearest Landfill Keller Canyon Landfill
(925) 603-1383 901
Bailey Road, Pittsburg, CA 94565
Landfill Capacity  
Nearest Hazardous Waste Facility

City of Benicia Corporate Yard
(707) 747-0608
Drop off of batteries (car & household), motor oil (and filters), paint, fluorescent bulbs, aerosol cans, antifreeze, and thermometers. Must prove residency.  

Allied Waste: Napa-Vallejo HHW Facility
(800) 984-9661
889A Devlin Rd, American Canyon, CA

Special Services

City businesses receive the following services:
· Weekly garbage collection
· Free subscription recyclables collection
· Additional recycle/green waste carts at no cost  

Napa-Vallejo HHW Facility ONLY does pick-up in Benicia and accepts the following: Anti-Freeze, Automobile Fluids, Batteries (single-use & rechargeable), Car batteries, Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Fluorescent tubes, Household Cleaners, Mercury Thermometers, Motor Oil, Oil Filters, Paint & Paint-related products, Propane Cylinders, Personal Care Products, Pesticides.  

Napa-Vallejo HHW Facility also accepts electronic waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals.

Source: City of Benicia Garbage & Recycling web page www.ci.benicia.ca.us; Allied Waste Napa-Vallejo HHW Facility Hazardous Waste web page www.alliedwasteservicesofcontracostacounty.com (as of March 2012)


Water Providers
Name / Phone Supply Source Capacity Peak Demand
City of Benicia
(707) 746-4394
North Bay Aqueduct 12 MGD 8 MGD
Source: City of Benicia Public Works Department www.ci.benicia.ca.us (as of March 2012)


Waste Water Treatment
Name / Phone Type of Process Capacity Peak Demand
City of Benicia   4.5 MGD n/a
Source: City of Benicia Public Works Department www.ci.benicia.ca.us (as of March 2012)


Air Quality
Contact Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District
(530) 757-3650
Source: Yolo-Solano AQMD www.ysaqmd.org/, (as of April 2012)